Our Approach

A few words... (and btw.. "Der Ball ist rund").

RomaX Group AG pursues investment opportunities, acting as co-investor, extended work-bench and governance partner throughout the life of a project or a company. We do work in the pan-European market focussing on the Alpine belt (regions in and around the Alps) and like to combine new technologies with inevitable and overwhelmingly strong demographic or technological trends in society and business to create successes.

Our strength is to avoid the bureaucracy of formal investment appraisals and to invest into the speed of execution. Combine this with a network of valuable partners and friends... and maybe, just maybe, it makes things possible.

RomaX builds on long standing investment experience and over 35 effective board years in various industries, situations and geographies. Solid foundation is - always - to be found in the fields of law and finance.

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